[Vrstream] Charging the Stream II

Max G. Swanson swando99 at iphouse.com
Sun Jun 19 20:56:30 PDT 2016

Any micro USB to standard USB cable can be plugged right into the computer
for charging.  Just keep in mind that turning on the Stream while thus
connected will boot it up as a disk drive.

This won't happen though if you plug that USB cable into any android
charger and from there into the wall.  In other words, when a fully wired
USB cable is used, there's enough back-and-forth to let the unit know it's
hooked up to a computer.
It would be unnecessary to get another plug that "goes into the wall" for
the Stream.  This is one big advantage the Stream II has, using a combo
interface and charging plug.

If this doesn't all make sense, I'm sure you'll ask again, but don't go
ordering a replacement Stream II charger!
"We are stuck in ourselves. Who else to be stuck in?"  A.Ginsberg.
Regards, Max

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