[Vrstream] charging battery and docking

Kathy Claus yougetastar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 14:23:09 PDT 2016

Hi. For the person asking about charging, your 2nd Gen unit should come 
with a plug which has a USB cord with it. One end, the larger part goes 
into the wall adapter and the other into the Stream. If you don't have 
that, almost any cell phone or tablet has a similar such plug and USB 
configuration. I have a bunch and keep one in my travel gear at all 
times. Also, when plugging into the computer to charge, if the unit is 
already on and playing, it will charge and still play. Yes, it will take 
longer to charge, but sometimes I need music while working on my 
computer. If I have the unit off and connect it to the computer, then it 
will respond as if it is a USB drive.

As to the docking station, what a great idea that would be! I will be 
writing. Of course, if someone other than Humanware can come up with 
something which will work for this and other similar type batteries it 
will cost significantly less. Just the nature of the beast. I don't 
think Humanware is very concerned with its customers. They kind of know 
they have us over a barrel. I sure with there was a repair place in the 
U.S., rather than the sending it to New York, their picking it up and 
repairing and waiting till they have several to make it worth their 
while to go back across the border. I'm sure there could easily be a 
repair location in this country. For you in the U.K., and any other 
countries, where do you need to send yours for repair?

Take care all. Hope it's not as hot where you are as in New Mexico. It's 
about 103 again!


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