[Vrstream] podcast recommendation

shoshana hathaway shoshanahathaway at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 09:09:46 PDT 2016

I hope it is OK to mention and recommend podcasts, here, that can be played
on the Stream.  If not, just swat me, and I'll never do it again (smile).
But I found one that is so interesting and well done, I just have to share.
If you haven't subscribed to The History of English, you might want to give
it a listen.  It's not your usual boring grammar (and this from a former
English teacher), but witty, filled with interesting facts (not to mention
history) and explanations about how we came to speak what we speak, and how
what we speak developed.  

Shoshana, currently enjoying a G. K. Chesterton book from Libravox on my
stream, and seriously contemplating conquering getting eBooks from Overdrive
on to the stream t read. This should be ...interesting, LOL!

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