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Formatting Internal Memory:

First turn off your stream, then you hold down the 2,6, and 8 keys. Once you
have these keys held down, you turn on your stream, then release all the
keys. Your stream will power on, and go to your SD card, but you will hear
menu, and then the word dyagnostics. You use your number 2 key to arrow up
to format internal memory. You then hit your confirm key, and the stream
will format your internal memory. Remember when you format your internal
memory, you will lose all bard books, bookshare books, podcasts, and
internet radio stations, so you need to move everything to your sd card, so
you won't lose any important info.

Copying to SD card:
1. Go to menus by using the number 7 while you are focused on the side with
your various stations are located.
2. Press 7 until you get to internet radio.
3. Use your 8 key to arrow down and hit ok when you hear what it is that you
are interested in doing such as, export all playlists to SD card.

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Can someone tell me how to back up my internet radio stations and clear the
internal memory on the 2nd stream.  I had a BARD download interrupted and
rather than the 2.7 gb internal I now have 2.48 available memory with no
downloads.  Thanks for any help.


rexwisdom at verizon.net


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