[Vrstream] unresponsive trek

Tom Kaufman tomcat53 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 4 19:54:31 EST 2017

I wonder if it locked up on you?  My Second Gen stream did that the other
day; I popped the battery out (now I know you're not really supposed to do
this if the machine is in the " on" position) but I had no choice!  Press on
that "power button as I might" it would not turn off!  So I removed the
battery; then placed it back in and all seems to be well!
Tom Kaufman

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I received my vr trek this morning.
It's been great.
But, now, its in a state where its completely stuck.
it will say "podcast download completed" and the wifi light is solid.
it won't respond to the power button, or any button presses for that matter.
what do i do? 
looks like I'll be attending my first vr stream chat ever this month, if it
works out. 

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