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david griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Sat Dec 9 15:34:49 EST 2017

My case  arrived today.
There   is  a belt clip on  it. Also a  small ring to more securely hold the lanyard  which I have also put  through the belt clip..
The Companion Softwarer for the Stream works  also for the Trek as far as I can see. I used it to  set up my wifi on the trek  with no problem.
I don’t  really use  other   funtions of the companion software so others  may comment.
David Griffith
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Hi All,

Just got my Trek this week.  Pretty slick.

I think I read or heard something about Companion software for the Trek, 
but when I went online to download it, the only versions specified were 
for the Stream and something else, not Trek.

Am I supposed to use one of the three listed?  If so, which one?

The "What's in the box" section specifies a "belt clip", but I saw no 
such thing.  There is a lanyard, but I have no idea where it attaches to 
on the Trek.

Also, there was not a case for the Trek "in the box".  Will it come later?


Bob Pignatello

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