[Vrstream] VR Trek freezing up

Al Sorrentino alsorrentino at verizon.net
Thu Dec 14 01:35:19 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,


I received my new Trek yesterday.  I registered the new unit with NLS and
also had the keys turned on by Humanware.  I turned on the GPS, and I can
see that I need a great deal of help in mastering this new system. 

I  have installed some of my favorite internet radio stations, downloaded a
book, turned on NFB Newsline, added some podcasts  and every thing seams to
be working fine just like the second generation Stream.


There are a few problems that have occurred to me and I am wondering if
others have come across the same problems. When I turn the unit on, it just
vibrates and no beep is this normal?



It's happened a few times that my Trek freezes up and it says "Please Wait"
and it keeps saying the same statement for a long time.  I try to cancel, or
turn it off with the on/off button, but nothing happens.  The only way for
me to shut down the unit is to pull the battery.  Once I start it up again
every thing goes back to normal.  This never happened with my second
generation Stream.  When the unit would freez up I was still able to
shutdown with the on/off button.


Some times when I try changing the voices by pressing and holding the #7,
key nothing happens and the unit freezes.


I would like to hear from others if these problems have happened to you.


Al Sorrentino


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