[Vrstream] problem with my stream and some audible books

Joshua Hendrickson louvins at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 08:28:34 EST 2017

Hi John.  What you need to do, is get these problem books in the
enhanced format instead of format 4.  The enhanced books will be twice
the size of the format 4 books.  I had the same problem and that is
the solution I was given by an audible tech person.  I tried it with a
book I had, and it worked perfectly.  Good luck.

On 12/15/17, JOHN RIEHL via Vrstream <vrstream at vrstreamusers.org> wrote:
> Hi. I have the second gen stream (not the latest Trekker). I'm having a
> problem with some format-4 audible books. When I'm reading and want to skip
> forward or back, some books will go to the end of the book directly. I have
> to use various strategies to  try to get back to my spot; sometimes this
> can
> take five minutes or more. Occasionally the Stream just "dies" in this
> process and I have to take out the battery and put it in again. When I do,
> the book is usually back at the position it was before I tried skipping
> forward or back. Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone got any
> suggestions on how to fix it?
> Thanks. John
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Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

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