[Vrstream] Several Questions about GPS Orientation

Roger Behm roger.behm.ais at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 19:24:44 EST 2017

Hi Michelle,

Did you plug the AC power cable in so it is running off AC power?

I test all units  that I receive for wifi and orientation finding satellites 
and they all pass with flying colors.
The orientation only takes about 5 minutes or less the first time locating 
satillites then  from that time on when I test them before shiping the vr 
trek, the orientation fines the satellites within a few seconds.

does your window face north?

the satellites are in the southern horizon, if you fly in a airplane and sit 
on the north side of the plane, it is hard to impossible to pick up 
satellites, I have used my many different talking gps programs on airplanes 
since the early 2000's and they work really fine when I have a southern or 
east or west window.

Feel free to call me  and I maybe  can assist you in trouble shooting your 
vr trek.

Roger Behm

Just plug your vr trek in to AC power and leave it sit fo r5 to 10 minutes 
it should find satellites no problem.

The device works just fine in a building as long as there are windows or sky 
lights near by.

I have been doing gps programs fromthe Atlas speak days in the late 1990's 
to senderogroupps program on the braillenote porducts and the trekker breeze 
before the vr trek came out an dthey all would fine satellites jsut fine 
indoors as long as there are windows near by.

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> Today I decided to spend some time setting up the GPS orientation on the
> Trek.  I live in an apartment building in a metropolitan area without an
> outside terrace.  Since it is very cold where I live I had the windows
> closed.  I turned on the Trek, switched to orientation mode and left the
> Trek on a table right next to a window over 2 hours.  The GPS never turned
> on or "locked in".  I contacted Humanware and they had me go into the menu
> (key 7) and reset the GPS.  I was told that I did not need to leave the
> Trek on the cold window sill, but could put it on a table right next to 
> the
> window.  Again, the GPS did not "lock in".  Since I have not yet received
> the case for the Trek I have not taken it outside my apartment.
> 1. Should I take the unit outside, turn on orientation mode and wait 20 to
> 30 minutes to see if it locks in?
> 2. Humanware support told me that once the GPS orientation locks in, GPS
> must be used again within 3 days or the orientation is lost.  Has this 
> been
> your experience?
> 3. Have any of you taken the unit outside without the case and what do you
> use to protect it?
> Thank you for any guidance.
> Michelle
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