[Vrstream] Reading list from bookshare and wish list from NLS BARD and the second generation stream.

Donna Corson tcorson2 at cfl.rr.com
Tue Dec 26 22:47:00 EST 2017

If I understand your question correctly, when you search for nls books on 
the second gen stream, use the 2 key to go to the different lists.  I am not 
sure, but the two lists I see are most popular books and then hit the 2 key 
again and you will be put into wish list, but you will have to hit the 
confirm key to go there.  You can then hit the 6 key to go forward through 
the books you have put on your wish list and then when you find one you want 
to download, you hit the confirm key.

Hope this makes sense.

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and the second generation stream.

When  downloading books directly to your stream, is there any way of making 
use of either your wish list from Bard or your reading list from Bookshare? 
the only thing I can see to do is to go through and pick out a couple of 
books from either List and then search the collection for them. If there is 
a better way, hopefully somebody will let me know.
Thanks for your response.

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