[Vrstream] iHeart stations on Victor Trek

Debbie D deb.rich at twc.com
Wed Dec 27 22:17:26 EST 2017

Hi Guys,


Thanks to Roger and Humanware, Steve and I got our online issue solved, and
we're loving our treks, although we've both had the flu, so haven't gotten
to test the GPS much yet.  Now, though, I'm noticing that iHeart stations,
which play just fine on the second generation Stream, will not play on the
Trek.  Pressing the 5 key will give you station info, but none of the iHeart
stations will play.  I wonder if others have experienced this, and I wonder
if it's something Humanware is aware of.  I'm hoping this will be fixed, as
I think the Trek should play all formats that the second generation Stream
can handle.  


Take care,

Debbie and Tulgey


Deb.rich at twc.com


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