[Vrstream] connecting to wifi at the econolodge

Linda Ward lw32211 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 01:08:43 EDT 2017

Hi friends,
I am at the econolodge trying to run from hurricanes and don't remember how
to connect to their wifi.
I have a laptop with me, the USB cable and the front desk gave me the
password as "guest" all lower case
Obviously I am connected with the laptop but it is with the stream second
gen that I don't remember though it has been discussed before ad nausium and
I have personally been told as well.
Please spare me from  more embarrassment and please tell me again.
Blaming it on the hurricanes, after all there are at least three in
operation at this time but  that's not the reason I forgot.
How about old age, faulty memory, losing mental faculties, any and all of
this will work; or just feel sorry for me and just tell me again please
Thanks in advance


"The only holiday that people enjoy sitting in front of a dead tree and eat
candy from their socks"

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