[Vrstream] Victor Stream and music How long does the folder take to play? Does it have such a feature?

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 19:49:37 EDT 2017

I've always wondered if the stream somehow has a way of letting you 
know, for instance, how many songs and how long it'll take to play all 
the way through a folder? ON my USB drive devoted to music, for 
instance, which I hook up via the Stream's short cable, I've got folders 
like 01-Oldies, 02-New Releases... thus when I go to the drive via the 
Stream's Other Media option, I see it only has one book, and it gives me 
the total time of the USB drive, and when playing let's say the last 
folder on the drive, it tells me how long it should take for the 
remainder of the drive to play. What I'd like though, is for instance, I 
could select and play the 01-Oldies folder, and for the Stream to report 
how long that folder should last playing it all the way through, and how 
many songs it has. Is there a way probably organizing my music a certain 
way, that this info could be given on the Stream?

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