[Vrstream] Victor Trek Maps

Debbie Downey debdowney at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Apr 1 13:04:51 EDT 2018



Yesterday I used my VR Trek in a vehicle guiding to a destination and
everything worked perfectly. I've done this before but because I was going
to be gone for a while I decided to turn on airplane mode to save battery.


I didn't use the Trek on the way home but this morning when I turned it on
it gave the usual message about searching for satellites but then said that
I was out of the perimeter of the map and it wouldn't tell me what city I
was in or anything but it told me my landmarks that are in the open area in
my apartment complex.


I checked the settings and went to about and it said that there was no map
activated. I also had turned airplane mode back off. 


I know the maps are preinstalled in the unit's internal memory so does
anyone have any ideas as to how I can get the map reactivated again or do I
need to call Humanware?


Lesson learned, don't turn on airplane mode!





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