[Vrstream] Outside of the maps perimeter on the Trek

Al Sorrentino alsorrentino at verizon.net
Mon Apr 2 13:51:05 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,


Has anyone come across this problem with their Trek, saying that it's
outside of the maps perimeter?  The Trek links to the satellites, but I am
unable to see where I am.  It seems as if the maps on the internal memory
have been wiped out.  I used it last Friday and it was working fine.  It
announced all of the crossings while I was on the bus.  Today, when I turned
on the Trek and on the bus, it was not announcing any of the crossings.   It
did announce that I was connected to GPS.  I turned on the unit several
times and in every case it stated that the GPS was on and that I was outside
of the maps perimeter.   


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Al Sorrentino


alsorrentino at verizon.net


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