[Vrstream] Outside of the maps perimeter on the Trek

Al Sorrentino alsorrentino at verizon.net
Mon Apr 2 16:43:49 EDT 2018

Hi Roger,

Thanks, thanks and a million times thanks.  Your instructions worked
GREAT!!!  As soon as I entered the information that you provided, the Trek
found the satellites and started giving information as in the past.  As a
note, I had to shut down the Trek and restarted and than it worked properly.

Roger, I don't know if it was part of the problem, but about ten days ago,
as I was using the Trek's GPS on the bus, I would press the time button to
check the time and it would shut off every so often.  About 5 to 6 days ago
when I was using the GPS it shut off about 2 times and last Friday, it shut
off about 4 times and had to restart the Trek every time.  It would only
shut off when I pressed the time button.  I hope this info is of some help
in diagnosing this problem

Again Roger, thank you for the temporary fix.

Al Sorrentino

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Hi Al and everyone who owns a vr trek,

Here below is a work around for getting your maps back on the vr trek, since
April 1, 2018 the maps have disappeared.

HumanWare is aware of this issue and will be working on a permanent

Hi all,

Please see my steps below for a workaround to the lost maps issue. We will
notify you when we have more information.

Press and hold the sleep button to enter the date and time settings.

Press the number 2 to get to advanced time settings

Press confirm until you get to the time and date announcement section. At
this point I recommend turning off the date announcement because you're date
will be wrong for now.

Continue pressing confirm until you get to automatic time adjustment and
also turn this off by pressing either 2 or 8. Press confirm to save all

Now press the number 2 to get to the date setting and press confirm.

Here I recommend changing the date to 2017. You can leave the month and date
where they are if you like but remember that your year is going to be off by
a year.

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> Hi Everyone,
> Has anyone come across this problem with their Trek, saying that it's
> outside of the maps perimeter?  The Trek links to the satellites, but I am
> unable to see where I am.  It seems as if the maps on the internal memory
> have been wiped out.  I used it last Friday and it was working fine.  It
> announced all of the crossings while I was on the bus.  Today, when I 
> turned
> on the Trek and on the bus, it was not announcing any of the crossings. 
> It
> did announce that I was connected to GPS.  I turned on the unit several
> times and in every case it stated that the GPS was on and that I was 
> outside
> of the maps perimeter.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Al Sorrentino
> alsorrentino at verizon.net
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