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Roger, I have to wonder what you culd have possibly said to them that
they would be so confused as to take that position about a USB cable.
i know you yourself don't understand that it's just a USB cable so
I'll get a hold of them and find out exactly what you said and
enlighten them as to what a USB cable is and they can explain to me
how it's an adaptation and voids the warranty.

Everyone should note that this has nothing to do with the other red
herring Roger likes to mention  at the same time about the internal
memory upgrade of the Stream. This is just a USB cable, better
designed, yes, but still just a USB cable.

Take care,


On 4/19/18, Roger Behm <roger.behm.ais at gmail.com> wrote:
> HI all,
> I made my statement based on the HumanWare's senior product  manager of the
> blindness products who I had sent the information to him about the memory
> upgrade that someone is doing for the vrs 2 line and now this other charging
> option that is being offered.
> The HumanWare senior product manager for blindness products confirmed what I
> had said and thought about these two offers, that it would void HumanWare's
> hardware warranty if a customer did either one of these offers.
> If the end-user wants to do so, I am not stopping them from doing  so, but
> just making the customer aware of the results in doing so.
> If their unit is out of warranty, then fine, but also be aware that if
> something  happens and you want HumanWare  to fix what you have done even
> after the one year warranty or if you bought a extended waranty, HumanWare
> will not touch your unit!
> I have been with HumanWare for 18 years and know personally many of the
> HumanWare staff and tech support persons and am just letting people know if
> might sound good but there are consequences to spend hard earn money on
> these offers that you might not like in the long run.
> Regards,
> roger
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>> Dear Ann, Laz, Roger & List:
>> I agree with Ann. The best way to settle a dispute or difference of
>> opinion,
>> is with factual evidence admissible in a Superior Court of Record.
>> Roger, apologies for not cc-ing this message to you. Do not have your
>> e-mail
>> address handy. Can fetch it from the web site but without your e-mail
>> address, takes work.
>> Brian
>> Hi Laz,
>> You do not need to send us the report.  Apparently there is a lack of
>> communication here.  My best advice is that since you are a vendor for
>> HW,
>> you contact Mr. Flitters or whatever his name is and get an official
>> citation on this.  I am surprised that you have not done this before, or
>> are
>> you afraid that Roger is in the right here?
>> Believe me, I'm not taking sides, but until definitive information is
>> obtained from HW, not a drone on the phone, but Who's-he Flitters or
>> someone
>> in admin, the problem is moot.  Having this infor promptly will help the
>> list because it will quash rumors and both you and Roger will have
>> definitive info from which  to operate.
>> Now, it may be that HW will consider the magnetic cables to be a breech
>> of
>> warrantee, and if they do, then they do, but the important thing is to
>> get
>> at the truth.  As I say, I'm surprised you haven't done this months ago,
>> Laz.  What were you thinking?
>> Ann P.
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